Caitlyn Neel

Empowering Connection

Feel stuck, restless, or overwhelmed?

Caitlyn Neel empowers clients to connect with their passions, abilities, and dreams so that they can live a life of purpose, feeling confident as they accomplish their goals.

As a Certified Life Coach, Caitlyn uses proven tools from Younique Life Coaching along with other powerful exercises and activities to customize a journey of personal and professional growth.

Caitlyn is partnered with Speak with People, a communication coaching company.  Send Speak with People a message and request a discovery call with Caitlyn to learn more.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Discover where your passions, abilities, and context collide so that you can live a life of purpose.

Identify and overcome personal roadblocks so that you can feel confident in your decision making.

Map Your Life Plan

Strategize your next steps so that you will reach your goals.