Caitlyn Neel

Personal Coach & Author

Caitlyn Neel is a personal coach who empowers individuals to discover their passions, purpose, and giftings. During one-on-one sessions, Caitlyn provides powerful, life changing tools that help clients grow in their personal journeys. She is passionate about instilling hope and truth into this generation through authenticity, inspiration, and empowerment.

With over a decade of experience, Caitlyn has also spoken to audiences of all ages at schools, churches, and camps all over the country. She loves to incorporate storytelling, object lessons, and hands-on interactive experiences.

Caitlyn's book A House Reconciled: Journeying Through My Parents’ Divorce” is an honest look into her life as she navigated through her parents’ divorce as a teenager. She has shared her story because along the way she discovered a hope that radically changed her life.